Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Somebody Got a Haircut!

Bethany got her first haircut today! Well, actually, her second. The first one was just to trim her bangs, though. Today was the first time we cut any of the length off. It was a little hard to decide to do, but I'm happy we did it. I think it looks much better now.

She did a great job! We went to the lady who cuts my parents' hair, Paula. She was great with Bethany - wiggling and all.

Here's the "before" -


The "during" -



And the "after" -


Life has been crazy with having the house on the market and being out of town so much. I've been really behind on blogging, obviously! Here are a couple recent pics of Landry.

Waiting with Abby for Daddy to get here!

Doesn't she look so old now? Sniff, sniff.


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! Where are you'll moving to? Staying in Belton I hope!

Beth said...

I love the new do! She looks adorable! And pictures of little kids waiting for their daddy at the door always melt my heart!!

Kristi said...

Love Bethany's haircut-- precious! Landry is, indeed, getting too big! But she looks darling in that sun dress.

Becky said...

Miss Paula looks like she knows how to work those scissors...what is it about the name "Miss Paula" seems like everyone with that name knows how to work their stuff...be it hair or butter :)


dougnlarry said...

She looks so cute! It's always hard to make the first cut, but it's usually a good idea. Good luck selling. I remember what a nightmare it was having mine on the market. I hope you sell quickly!

Sara Cook said...

Bethany's new haircut is so cute!!! She looks so grown up!

Amanda said...

That's a super cute haircut, and Landry looks freakin' cute in that little halter dress!

Loukia said...

Oh my! I LOVE the new haircut, so adorable, and the baby girl, way too cute. :)