Saturday, September 11, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Landry #1

Today the girls were "helping" me make rice krispie treats. They were standing in chairs they had pulled up to the counter from the kitchen table. After we finished, I told them several times to put the chairs back. Landry was standing in hers and this conversation ensued:

Me: Landry get down from your chair and push it back to the table.

Landry: I can't get down!

Me: Yes you can.

Landry: I can, but I'm not.

That should tell you a lot about her personality. :-) Stinker!


Rebecca said...

LOL! That does sound like Landry. Both of our girls sure are headstrong :)

Sara Cook said...

Oh Landry....she's a mess! But so cute!!! :-)