Thursday, March 19, 2009

Whistle While You Work



This afternoon the girls were playing outside (thank goodness for this beautiful weather!!!) and I asked Bethany to sweep the birdseed off the porch. She was the one who dumped it all over the porch and her sister thought it was for her to eat. Anyway, she ran and got the broom gladly. Weird. I got tickled when I noticed she was still wearing her Snow White shoes from playing dress up earlier. Silly girl.

Today was a big milestone for Miss Landry. Her first "whalespout" pigtail! Actually, her hair was barely long enough to stay in the rubber band. It sure didn't make a whalespout! I had to document it, though. :) She's trying to get over being sick, but is having a really hard time. Don't look too close. You'll see all kinds of stuff crusted all over her face. Poor thing.





Amanda said...

Oh my goodness Bethany cracks me up. I love Landry's new look!

Rebecca said...

Oh poor girl she looks like she doesn't feel good. I hope she gets over it soon. Cute whalespout!

Beth said...

I like to wear my snow white shoes when I sweep as well. I mean, what's the fun without the princess shoes? Too cute!!

Shannon said...

Oh, to have enough hair to put Morgan's in a whalespout!!! She is a cutie!

What a cutie sweeping in her princess shoes! Mallory helped me sweep in her sunglasses the other day. Goofy girls!

dougnlarry said...

I love the shoes while sweeping. Too funny.

The Momma said...

Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for the comment about the frames, they're super easy you should try them! Your girls are precious by the way!


Denise K. said...

Oh they are both the cutest!!! So sweet! :-) I am so sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner about the darling outfits you do...I have been meaning to! Thanks for your great tips about the pants! If you bought the size 8 regular, would I just measure her inseam with the shoes she would be wearing? What would be the best way to measure for your creations? We are going out of town this weekend, but will return in a week..perhaps we can put our heads together then!?! Happy Thursday! Love, Denise :-)