Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Goin' for a Stroll

My good friend Jennifer lives just a few doors down the street from me. For a good while now (since Bethany was a baby!) we've walked around the neighborhood at night. We walk 5 laps, which is 2 miles. We do it under the guise of exercise, but really, at least for me, is just a great time to get out of the house with NO KIDS and just chat with a friend. Those 2 miles go by a whole lot quicker with a good friend to talk to!

Well, last night Raymond had to go see a patient at the hospital, but I still wanted to walk. Since my parents have Bethany for the week (woohoo), I just had to take Landry with me. I strapped her in the jogging stroller and put some sunglasses on her. She was really good for about 3 laps, then I think the wind started to bother her a little. By that time Raymond was home, so he took her so I could finish. All in all it was a great first walk for the little one!

Oh, and for those of you who might be worried - I really did strap her in. I just took these pics before I did so!




Jennifer said...

Yeah, I made the blog!! She was great, and definitely cuter than either of us on that walk!! Great pictures!

Amanda said...

Hey! I was pretty darn cute. After all, I had even taken a shower AND fixed my hair!

Jennifer said...


dougnlarry said...

She looks so cute in her shades. Good for you for walking every day. I used to have a friend to walk with, I should find that again.