Monday, June 9, 2008

Cuttin' Up!

First of all, most of you were right. That last picture WAS Bethany. You guys are better than I am because I think I would have guessed Landry!

Yesterday Bethany was sick - fever, tummy ache, a little throw up incident. It was lovely! However, today she was much better. By evening she was totally back to her little mischievous self!

She's been wanting to cut with scissors lately, so I bought her a pair and let her use them under close supervision. Today we made collages and she had a blast cutting and gluing! Who knew that could entertain a 2 year old for so long?



She was proud of her work and wanted me to take pictures of them.






Becky said...

Impressive cutting Bethany! I like to use scissors too, but my Mommy has to find someone to show me how to cut left handed b/c she has NO idea!!!

Fist Bumps,

dougnlarry said...

Wow... that looks like fun! You're brave to take that project on with such a little one. Personally, I try to avoid using scissors as much as possible. :)

Amanda said...

Well, I did avoid using them with her. I thought she was really too young. However, they use them in her class at MDO so she's always asking to use mine. I do have to supervise closely, though! She's not very careful yet!

Kristi said...

Fun project time! Your daily stuff looks so fun! Glad Miss B is feeling better.