Monday, June 9, 2008

It only took 2 1/2 years

to figure out how to use a paci! Bethany NEVER would take a pacifier as a baby. Now that we have them lying around the house (not being used, mind you, because Landry doesn't take them either) she has decided that she needs to suck on them. I thought it was pretty funny tonight, so I took some pics. Note, she's not really good at it. Sometimes she has to hold it in with her hand. :)



And here she is holding it in WHILE she helps me with the dishes. Sidenote - she is obsessed with the sink sprayer! I've decided to try and harness the spraying energy and let her "help" me rinse the dishes. She loves it!


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Becky said...

Love the shots with Bethany and the Binkie! Gracie likes to ONLY chew on them too :) Maybe she was feeling like she needed a little "babying" from Mommy that night...HA! Hugs!!!