Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Signguages" and Frozen Corn

Back quite a few months ago when Landry was really young I told Bethany that we needed to start practicing our Sign Language again so we could teach Landry. After that, anytime she'd use sign language she'd say "Mommy, I remembered my 'sign-guages'." Funny girl. It's sad because she doesn't say it like that anymore. She says it the right way. It's a little sad when they stop saying things "wrong," isn't it? It'l like she's not a baby anymore. :(

Anyway, in a recent post I stated that the only thing Landry would eat was bananas. Well, she's finally branched out. She'll eat bananas, pears, peaches, applesauce, sweet potatoes and squash. We are working on green veggies! The things she will eat, though, she LOVES!!! She was screaming in between every bite, so I've been working on the "more" sign a lot lately. I'm pretty sure she's been doing it for a couple days now. I didn't think she'd quite get it being only 6 months old, but she's been doing it in between every bite and it's very purposeful. I think she knows what she's doing. I will say it's nice because she's not screaming in between bites anymore! Here are some pics of her signing "more" 2 nights ago.




Bethany never ceases to crack me up. She tries my patience for sure, but man is she funny. The other night I was making this Cheesy Chicken and Salsa Skillet for dinner. It calls for a cup of frozen corn, thawed. So I had the corn in a cup sitting on the counter to thaw. Bethany comes in, reaches up and grabs a few kernels. She eats them. She grabs more. She eats them. She keeps eating more and more. Frozen corn is now her favorite snack. Instead of standing at the freezer begging for popsicles, she now begs for corn. Weird. I let her have it because it's healthy I guess!!!

And now for a shameless plug...

Most of you know that my little sister is trying to get her own photography business off the ground. Well, here's a link to her new website. http://www.saras-studio.com/
Take a look, enjoy, and send it to everyone you know (especially in the Dallas area). For those of you who live near me, she comes here pretty often to do shoots for people around here. Check out the website for sure - I bet you'll see some familiar faces!


Phyllis said...

Good to know that Landry is already picking up signing. I've found myself signing around Nora already and figured I was just getting into the habit because there was no way she'd be understanding or doing it herself any time soon. Maybe I was wrong!

Rebecca said...

I sign with Kylee, but she just smiles at me like Mom what are you doing?

I love the pictures, please let me know the next time your sis is in town!

dougnlarry said...

WTG Landry! Such a big girl to already be signing!

I know what you mean about being sad when kids start saying things the right way. Bradley used to call Gracie 'GiGi', but now he says it right. It was so much cuter the other way.

Good luck to Sara! She takes great pictures!

Rebecca - I'm a Canon girl! said...

How great that Miss Landry is learning signing already, I bet she looks cute doing it (still no photos for me :( )

Hmm I am not sure about frozen corn, but definitely a healthy snack I guess!! lol

Ok off to check out your sis new site, I am sure it is fabulous with the beautiful photos she takes of you and the girls!! :)

Shannon said...

What a smart girl!! She has the same tastes as Leah too - she is not keen on green veggies yet at all. Your sister's work is amazing - she is so talented! Landry and Bethany are too adorable, I love all the pictures of your cuties :-)