Sunday, September 21, 2008

What a Mess!

Tonight our Life Group (small group from church) met at our house. There were 6 kids and 2 babies. While the adults had our Bible study in the living room with the babies, the 6 kids (ranging from ages 17 months to 3 years) played in our playroom with one teenage babysitter. Afterwards, several of the familes stayed to eat dinner and watch the Cowboys. So near the end of the evening Bethany comes running into the kitchen yelling, "Mommies and Daddies come look! We made a MESS!!!" She wasn't kidding.




Thanks to all the mommies who helped get it all cleaned up again! We had a great time with you and all of your kiddos!!!

Oh, I also found out from my friend Jennifer, who teaches Bethany's Bible Class on Sunday mornings, that Bethany is telling on herself! This morning they learned about Adam and Eve not obeying God. So they ask the kids if they ever don't obey their parents. Apparantly Bethany says, "Yes, I tee-tee in my panties." Greatness. :)


dougnlarry said...

Wow, that is a mess. I'm sure they had a blast though.

And that's great that Bethany is already telling the truth!

Phyllis said...

Holy Mess, Batman! Looks like a great time was had by all the kids.

Rebecca said...

At least they had a good time! That's good that she tells on herself that will be handy later.

Melissa said...

I knew there had to be a reason why we were getting to visit for so long without any interruptions! And I hope that Bethany continues to be so honest!!!

Kristi said...

It is pretty awesome that she is being so honest-- and hilarious, too! Looks like you have a fun LifeGroup!