Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Bethany!!!

I can't believe it was three years ago today that we met you for the first time. This is what you looked like.


Of course, later on you got all bundled up and looked oh so sweet.


That first year with you was a challenge! Of course we loved you very much, but you DID scream a lot! You were very "healthy" (ahem, fat) and couldn't really get around much there for awhile. Finally, at around 5 months old you rolled over and at 8 1/2 months you crawled. Just 2 months later you were walking! By the time you were one, you were saying and signing lots of words, you loved your milk and pretty much any food, and you were always a good sport about wearing huge bows on your head! You sure were a cute little one year old!


Your second year was wonderful and still challenging. You were talking up a storm - short sentences at 15 months and real conversations before you turned 2! When you were 15 months old you got Rotovirus and scared us all when you had seizures and had to be admitted to the hospital. You recovered well, though, and there was no permanent damage! Your hair finally grew long enough to put into pigtails. I was so excited!


Your third year you showed all of us how incredibly smart you are! You started spelling, counted to 70, and remembered virtually everything you ever heard! While I would say this year epitomized the "terrible two's," I wouldn't trade it for anything. I feel like we really have been able to develop a relationship. It's so nice to have conversations with you and to know what you think and how you feel about things. I love you more than words can ever say and I hope that you can know that someday.

Happy Birthday to my sweet 3 year old girl!



Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday, Bethany!!! I moved into your neighborhood around your birthday. What a great neighbor you make, Bethany!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Bethany (or Befwanie as Mallory says)!! I seriously can't believe how big she's gotten, such a little girl now. Crazy!!

Becky said...

Woo-Hoo...Happy Fiesta Day from all of us at Casita de Alaniz :) Eat a BIG piece of cake for Cade at the PAR-TAY!!! Love and Hugs sweet girl...

Shannon Delcambre said...

Happy Happy Birthday sweet B!

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Bethany!!! We are so happy for you.

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday, Bethany! I can tell you from personal experience that people with Veteran's Day birthdays are EXTRA cool!

As you get older, you will love having this birthday. Even though you don't get cards in the mail on your special day, you will have the privilege (in 8 more years) of turning 11 on 11-11.

Kristi said...

Hooray! Happy, Happy Day to Bethany! We can't wait to celebrate with you this weekend!

dougnlarry said...

Happy belated Birthday Bethany!