Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fun Fridays - Things That Make Me Happy!


Why do flowers make me so happy? Seriously, as soon as I walk into my kitchen and see these beauties I smile! They are just cheap flowers from Wal-mart that I stuck in some juice glasses, but aren't they great?


And this time of year I LOOOOVE my tulips! Even Bethany knows tulips are mommy's favorite flower. So I had to get some today. Love 'em!


Of course, my kiddos make me happy, too! The other day, on the way to ballet class, we drove past our new Sonic and Bethany said, "Mommy, can we stop by Scott and White and get something on our way?" (For those of you who don't know - Scott and White is the hospital where Daddy works) . I said, "You mean Sonic?" "Yes, can we stop by Sonic and get something on our way?" It was almost funny enough for me to stop and get her something, but I didn't.

Landry is really trying to talk now! She said "please" tonight at dinner. Well, really she said, "meese," but I knew what she meant. :)


Phyllis said...

Nothing says Spring like tulips!!

queenbee said...

Tulips are my favorite flower as well. They are so bright and fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog and its great that you are a Mary Kay consultant, I love the products. Come back to visit any time.

Shannon said...

Those flowers are perfect for your kitchen! So cute!

I love tulips, too. We bought our house in Abilene during January, so I was super excited when I started seeing TULIPS bloom in the flower box!!! They didn't last, but were beautiful for 2 weeks!!!

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Love the yellow, so springy!
I read your "10 Minutes" post again, and I had to laugh, because I've been gluing the "hems" on my fabric all day for the window mistreatments for my bedroom. I found this stuff called "Unique Seam", it bonds quickly and no burnt fingers!
Wow, thanks for your comment!

Rebecca said...

I like the flowers, they always make me happy too. I love the reference to Scott and White!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

LOVE those cute yellow flowers in the juice glasses. So simple, yet beautiful!

Your daughter's sonic comment cracked me up!

And your bathroom "do" turned out great. I really like how you ended up arranging everything. Great job!