Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pretty, Pretty Princess

Last weekend Bethany got to go to a princess birthday party. The girls were supposed to come wearing their princess dresses (and accessories of course!). At first Bethany wanted to wear her Cinderella dress. Of course, being the child that she is, she decided she HAD to be Snow White instead. 5 minutes before we left. Oh well. I let her change and she had a great time at the party!



Snow White


Which one do YOU like best???


Kristi said...

Hmmm...they're both adorable. I think I will go with Bethany's Snow White pick-- love the shoes and purse on that one! So cute!

Shannon said...

That is a great party idea! I thought you were confused at first...and then I scrolled down some more:) She is super cute in both!!!

Becky said...

Our favorite is the little girl wearing the outfits :) She IS a pretty, pretty princess...Cade says we should get Gracie some of these princess clothes! I told him, "Just wait son, I'm sure our future hold many princess outfits to come!"


Anonymous said...

That is a 3 year old for ya! I think I like the Cinderella dress the best but they are both cute!

Rebecca said...

I have to go with Cinderella :) What a fun party. I'm glad she had a good time.