Friday, July 18, 2008

Ok, It's Official!

I'm getting a new camera. Not someday in the near future. NOW! Like today or tomorrow. Our camera has been malfunctioning a lot recently. Sometimes is takes bad pics, sometimes is won't turn on and sometimes it'll turn on, but there's no picture. Anyway, today was the last straw for me. Bethany had her first haircut today! Sniff, sniff. Just a tiny trim so it would be out of her eyes, but nonetheless, a haircut. Here are the pics to commemorate the ocassion.


Sitting in the chair with the cute "cape" on:

The very first cut:


So that's what we have to remember the first haircut! I'll make a great scrapbook page with those pics for sure.

Stupid camera aside, it was all in all a great success! Bethany did GREAT! She didn't even need bribery. She just sat in the chair and did exactly what Jayci told her to do. The cut looks good, too. Probably not many people would actually even notice it got cut. I'm just happy that it's not hanging in her face anymore. Maybe when I get my new camera I can post a pic of what it looks like!

In other news, Landry has started attending the Cradle Roll class at church. Here are some pics of her and her friend Kelsey, who is one month and one day younger than her.




And just because she was so darn cute today:



Oh, Bethany did say something else pretty funny the other day. We've been working on learning the lowercase letters because I realized that she pretty much only recognized uppercase. Anyway, I was telling her about uppercase and lowercase and then asking her to identify certain letters. I showed her a lowercase "a" and asked her what it was. She said, "A downercase 'a'!"


Phyllis said...

I agree that it's definitely time for a new camera, but you've got to admit those pics are kinda artsy.
Will is GREAT at all his uppercase letters, but his lowercase not so much -- good to hear he's not behind the curve or something.

dougnlarry said...

Bummer about the pics. I hope you find a new camera that you love and you don't miss anymore photo ops.

Wow, Landry is so big she goes to 'school' now! Good for her (and you since you get some time alone now!).

Rebecca said...

I hope you find a good camera. It is so frustrating when you miss precious moments. I have to agree that Landry did look so darn cute!

Becky said...

I'm still giggling to myself about the DOWNERCASE "a" comment...Oh Bethany, God love her!!!!

Becky said...

P.S. You remind me of Kate Gosselin on John and Kate plus 8 when you were talking about your camera...she's always saying how she hates hers too...What kinda new camera did you pick?????

Some kind of Wondermom said...

What kind of camera are you getting? I REALLY want a Canon rebel SLR, but hubby thinks there are better ways to spend $800. Thanks for visiting my blog - it's great to have new readers.

Kristi said...

For some reason, I think I commented on this post right when you wrote it, I guess blogger did something goofy on me!
I wanted to tell you how much I loved that watermelon outfit on Landry. She and Kelsey look like such big girls sitting in the cradle roll class!
I am so sorry about your camera. That TOTALLY stinks.
I also am thinking about incorporating the word "downercase" into my everyday vocabulary. Hilarious!