Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another Guessing Game!

Okay - here are two 3 month pics. Can you guess which one is which? To be fair, I know some of you have seen these pics in my house or on message boards, so if you know for sure don't ruin it for everyone else!!!

a)Bethany first, Landry second
b)Landry first, Bethany second
c)Both Bethany
d)Both Landry
e)Neither - must be someone else's kids!!!




Amanda said...

a. Bethany first, Landry second. Although I am a tad suspicious that they first picture is neither of your girls. That bow is pretty small!

Kristi said...

A! It has to be A! I have seen one of these in your home but now can't exactly remember which so I thought I was safe to enter the competition! : )

I am cracking up at the previous comment about the bow being too small!

Amanda said...

Ha! Very funny about the small bow. SOMETIMES I put small bows on my girls!!!

Jennifer said...

I KNOW, I KNOW!! BUT, I won't ruin it for everyone else, so I'll go with E! haha!

Melissa said...

I know, so I won't say. But I have to say that they are both beautiful babies.

Shannon Delcambre said...

thats not even a test. Come on, give us something challenging! I would know those bethany cheeks anywhere!!! ;)

debbie said...

I'm glad I made up my mind before I read the other comments! But I also have to go with "A" for the following reasons:
First, I know that my hairbows have gotten ALOT bigger with my second girl ;o) and,
Second, I know my current season of Carter's clothing and know the dress in picture "B" is not 2 years old!!
Haha! What good reasons!! They actually have nothing to do with what the girls actually look like! They are both gorgeous!!!

Rebecca said...

I guess A. Bethany then Landry

Amanda said...

Debbie - you think you are so smart, don't you? Haha! Very good deduction skills. :) I *have* noticed that Avery's bows are quite a bit larger than Jenae's!

Becky said...

My vote is A :) Both cutie pies!!

Marcus said...

I was going to say something about carter's current line, but now I won't since Debbie already has...oh wait

My vote goes to Bethany, then Landry

Tricia said...

My guess is A. Their eyes and face shape are a dead give-away. Both girls are as cute as can be!